Our greatest value? The quality of the total solution!

D.P.S Soluzioni Informatiche s.r.l is the point of reference in the creation and management of almost every solution in the field of Information Technology, be it technical or commercial. The satisfaction of the client is considered an important factor in the success of our work. The D.P.S Soluzioni informatiche S.r.l, other than being a Microsoft Certified Partner, is also a certified company DIN EN ISO 9001. It is also a dealer of important brands such as Microsoft. With the perfect collaboration between our sectors of production, we can perform business if a way that offers the Client a great added value – ‘the quality of the total solution.’. DPS Soluzioni Informatiche S.r.l. is also the company that in 2010 created the PrinTrace project as a solution to the problems which clients were facing in the sector of typography and printing services. Recently DPS has been dedicated to PrinTrace, and has an entire department made up of developers, system engineers, customer care, sales people and business experts.

D.P.S. Soluzioni Informatiche S.r.l.

Registered office: Via Fiume Giallo, 3 00144 Roma FISCAL CODE AND NUMBER OF COMPANY REGISTRATION IN ROME: 07043801005 Shared capital, 30.000,000, fully paid