Internal Orders

Every job is under control and assigned to the right person

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Internal Orders
The management software dedicated to Typography and Printing Services

Internal Orders/Job

Upon the arrival of an order from a client, we can generate an internal order. In PrinTrace every internal order may contain a varied number of jobs. Indeed, the job includes all of the processes that surrounds the client, for example, business cards, bounds, banners, etc. Every job and all of its techinqualities can be assigned to a single technician and/or to a specific group. The automatic creation of a worksheet by PrinTrace, will describe all of the technical data. Every order and every job from now on will be tracable, both in their technical execution to their administration.

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You can design all of the required workflow for your job. Every workflow can be arranged by us or if prefered the skilled user can create his own workflow. At every step, you can assign one or more of our technicians or departments to the job. At every moment you can monitor the progress of your job Finally your business is under control!

Task and Journal

The budgeting of activities and accounting will become easy if you have a helpful instrument at your disposal. With every internal order, different tasks can be added and workers can make a note of their additional hours. Finally, you will have support in understanding times, costs and the profitability of your business!

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