The techincal profile of PrinTrace

PrinTrace is the management software created by a team of informatics and specialists in the field. It was made to resolve the problems in the use typography and digital stamp services.

What requirements?

When you create a quote for offset stamping, nothing will be forgotten. After inserting all the necessary data, PrinTrace will calculate the cost and price of every single item inserted. Cards, brochures, paperbacks and much more, with PrinTrace you will be able to quote whatever you want.

The system is Web Oriented, this allows you to have the reliability and support from the highest performing DPS products.

PrinTrace was established to allow for the quick and efficient use of all digital stamping services

The software is available for all operating systems (PC, MAC and Linux) and for all mobile devices (Android and Apple) as well as for Tablet, Iphone or Smartphone.

You only need an internet connection and any type of browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox, Opera, etc). PrinTrace will interface and conform to the technical specifications of your hardware and software, making your experience the best it can be!

One click and you're immediately within the business!