PrinTrace is a Cloud software with precise safety features

Being in Cloud, PrinTrace's architecture is "web-oriented" and involves the use of servers, located in our Data Center, through which we provide access to the application and on which data is stored.

To offer our customers a high level of security, DPS uses the best technologies available on the market.
In particular we pay attention to the protection of communication between the user and the server, to the protection of customer data stored on our systems.

Access to the application PrinTrace, using the web takes place over HTTPS protocol with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate that presents an algorithm 256bit encryption with RSA. In this way, the communication is encrypted and protected from eavesdropping.

The servers are protected by firewall systems to allow authorized access only and are updated with the necessary security patches.
The antivirus systems are running continuously and are regularly updated on the servers and protect data against virus threats and malaware.
Upon completion of all safety systems are finally performed the backup security that are stored in physically distant places between them as well as locally.