With PrinTrace you can calculate costs and prices of every process, in a way which is easy, fast and fool-proof.

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The management software dedicated to Typography and Printing services

Offset Printing

Even for the more complex quotes, PrinTrace offers a foundation which allows everyone, even the less experienced, to make a quote quickly and without errors. Infact, PrinTrace will suggest the best way to keep count of the number of rejects and the required start-up time. PrinTrace keeps count of the signatures - checking the weight of paper, the production and the levels of white. With every job, all of the technical data will be kept under your control, like the necessary paper (in sheets and kg), the plates used, the quantity of ink and the time needed. PrinTrace will help you to understand which machines are best for printing; making the process fast and simple. You will always have the option to add extra steps, such as pre-stamps, blueprints, digital embossing and laminating.

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Quotes for offset printing
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Digital Stamp

The world of digital stamps is expansive, both in the quantity of stamps and in the variety of typology. So many quotes to make in such little time, often in small editions, in order to avoid the loss of possible sales. PrinTrace helps you to make quotes for a variety of jobs such as: - stickers and posters, banners, textile printing and direct printing, large and small formats, folders, greeting cards, brochures, and binding – Your colleagues will also be able to send quotes, as it is simple, fast and fool-proof!

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Cutting Tables

How much time does it take you to cut letters using PVC foam? And with DiBond? And how long does it take you to cut 5mm instead of 10mm? Too many questions! PrinTrace knows the machine, the utensils and materials. It knows about the work you have to do, its complexity and it will calculate the necessary time till completion. The cut, milling, incision, beveling, and creasing - chose what you want and PrinTrace will tell you the time it will take!

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T-shirts, hats or bags? Direct embroidery or on a patch? Simple with one colour or complex and full of colours?

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Price lists and discounts

With PrinTrace it’s possible to make price lists that are; general and personalized, that include the cost of the work and materials and for an individual or a group of clients. At PrintTrace prices are staggered, therefore it’s easy to make use of economies of scale, both in production and in the materials.

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