PrinTrace, everything in one management software

The management software dedicated to typography and printing services, that allows you to follow the workflow "from quote to accounting."

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PrinTrace helps you to make quotes for typography and printing services. There are functions dedicated to quoting prices for small and large formats, offset and digital printing, embroidery machines and cutting tables. You’ll never again hear your clients say ‘yesterday your colleague told me a different price..”. PrinTrace helps to avoid errors, by assisting in the quotation stage with guided steps.

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Generate the internal order and add it to the workflow. With PrinTrace you will always know what stage a job is at – which employee/department is dealing with it and the time until it's completed. Furthermore, PrinTrace creates a worksheet with all the required specifics and helps you to program and record employee activity.

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Digital Stamp


Accountability is integrated into your use of PrinTrace, it allows you to easily see costs and profits at any moment. Furthermore, transport documents, invoices and reminders can all be made and sent quickly. Moving from a quote to suppliers will be very easy and you won't make any mistakes!

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Warehouse and suppliers

With PrinTrace you can monitor the warehouse. For example, you can check the rejects and also add to your basket materials which you need. When ready, you can generate the order and send it to supplier! Check your orders and the materials used for your clients, including rejects. You will always know if you are running low on stock - thanks to statistics on sales and materials used, so you can easily organise your purchases.

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Offset Printing

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard is more than just a collection of data; it represents a system of organization that functions as a coordinator inside the business. PrinTrace helps you in business strategy, with instruments which let you see strategic information such as sales, material consumption, purchases and the company’s activity.

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PrinTrace is Cloud software which respects maximum standards of security and allows you to keep on top of your business wherever you are. With Cloud technology, you can connect with any fixed devices such as your PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone. It will always maintain high levels of performance. Just with an internet connection and you will be straight away in the store! While using PrinTrace you will never experience problems with viruses, backup data and business continuity.

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